Ontario Homeowners, Save with Heat Pump Rebates!

Replacing your current heating and cooling system with an energy-efficient heat pump system could be a wise decision in Ontario, with numerous financial incentives available.


What’s heat pump?

Heat pump summer time is an high efficiency Air conditioner, winter time it produces heat efficiently through its inverter technology, more efficient than gas furnace when outdoor temperature is not extremely cold.

Do I still need gas furnace?

Yes, but furnace will only be backup heat when outdoor temperature is extremely cold.

Is Heat pump reliable?

Yes, heat pump is very reliable, it has been in the market for over 30 years, it is as reliable as traditional AC, backed up with 10 years parts warranty.

How to apply Heat pump rebate?

We help to arrange energy auditor for the rebate application. Government offer up to $6500 Greener home rebate for heat pump AC, and $600 energy audit rebate, total of $7100.

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Heat Pump Knowledge

How the heat pump works:


uy a heat pump ( it is also a high efficiency ac) , government total rebate $6500.
(Enbridge 1500 rebates natural resource canada greener home rebate 5000= 6500).

Heat pump rebate link:


after you input your post code etc, under space heat pump to find air source heat pump, you will see rebate is $6500 for heat pump.

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